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Our Mission

Northwest Florida has long been under represented in matters affecting our utilities on a state and national level.  Our primary professional and technical associations often do not recognize our unique situation in many matters relating to water and wastewater.  In addition, these associations rarely get involved with issues that don’t have the words water or wastewater attached to them.  But many other issues arrive on a daily basis that affect the operation of our utilities and more importantly impact our customers.    The formation of our organization is to give us the network to seek consensus among the utilities in Northwest Florida and set up an appropriate response, whether it be calling elected representatives, preparing issue write-ups, or proposing legislation.

DWU Tower 3The Northwest Florida Utility Managers Council is established to provide the unique perspective from our region in all matters relating to the management and operation of a water or wastewater utility. 

The Utility Managers Council can also be an information clearinghouse and provide assistance during emergency situations.  The Utility Managers Council has already hosted two informational briefings for our State elected delegation.  This has been a unique undertaking and appears to have been well received by those officials.

The most important task for the Utility Mangers Council is to provide a voice for our customers on those matters which mean the most to them.

The Northwest Florida Utility Mangers Council is looking for members to help with our mission.  Anyone in a decision making capacity for their utility or with the many engineering firms, legal entities, vendors, and contractors who support those utilities should consider becoming a member.

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